Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oxford Economics Dictionary Online

As I mentioned in the revision lecture on Tuesday, getting yourself an economics dictionary will be really useful for you in getting short and sharp definitions for the concepts you're talking about in any essay question.  I just noticed that you can find the Oxford Economics Dictionary online at

Start Your Own Blog!

Why not start your own blog? This may seem like an odd and daunting idea, or it may really attract your attention. Why would you want to start your own blog? One really great thing is that it really helps you to learn about things and make sense of them in your head - if you're going to write about them, and have people read what you write, then you need to have things clear!

Blogs are free to start - Blogger, what I use for this blog, is free and provided by Google, hence if you have a Google Account, it's straightforward to set up a blog. Another alternative is Wordpress, which again is free. You simply sign up, give your blog a name and you're ready to go.

If you do so, or if you already have a blog and you're a keen reader of this blog (and/or currently on econ101ab), let me know - I'd be delighted to follow your blogs...