Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tim Harford, Dear Economist and Twitter

Tim Harford is perhaps better known as the Undercover Economist, and/or the author of the Dear Economist colum in the FT each weekend.  This week's Dear Economist may hit home with many of you, a year after getting into the university of your choice (hopefully!).  It's a great column for applying the arcane and often abstract concepts of economics humorously to everyday situations.

I've not regularly read it for quite a long time, but subscribing to Tim Harford's twitter feed over at the econ101b Twitter page reminded me of it.  If you're actually reading this blog, you're probably a keen student, or maybe a student thinking about whether to be keen.

You've probably read Freakonomics already (or at least claimed to do it to get into university), so you may want to head to the Freakonomics blog, or maybe have a look at Tyler Cowen's blog also if you're interested in timely and interesting (even fun - shock horror) reflections on economics in the real world.

For a more macroeconomics take on things, try out Greg Mankiw's blog which, like this one, is a blog originating from a first-year undergrad economics course.  The difference, of course, is that Mankiw is a Harvard prof...

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