Monday, June 7, 2010

Consider this a warning!

Nope, not related to exam results, but a research paper recently published (for the paper see here, for a blog on the article see here).

From survey data (not perfect but gives a good indication), the time a student (like your good selves) spends studying has fallen between 1961 and 2003 from 40 hours to 27 hours.

Now bare in mind the standard working week is 37.5 hours, and when you were in school you generally had probably over 25 contact hours a week plus homework, something's up here.

Let's just say: If you're spending 27 or less hours a week studying towards your degree, you're a part-timer. You're all due to get your marks soon, and if you did spend nearer 27 than 40 hours a week over your first year, don't be surprised if your marks are a little lower than you were expecting...

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