Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Macroeconomics Time

A Happy New Year to all the readers of the econ101ab blog! The New Year signifies a new term, the second term in the academic year and this heralds econ101b, the Macroeconomics part of the course.

We're going to investigate a number of aspects of the macroeconomy during the coming term. The main text is Sloman, but one thing that it will be good for you to grasp is that macroeconomics is a very difficult beast to tame, and that any teacher of it will likely give a somewhat slanted (biased) view on the macroeconomy (some would even say it doesn't really exist).

So again I'll encourage you as part of your econ101b experience, and degree experience more generally, to be reading widely, and thinking through what you read, challenging what you believe and justifying it. If nothing else, it'll give you points to score when chatting with your mates...

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