Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marginal Revolution University!

If not yet, I hope to encourage you whilst you study economics to become avid readers of blogs written by economists. After all, this is one of them. They are a great resource - they make available to you high profile economists in real time, as you get their reflections on every day events. This is a really important aspect of learning to think like an economist.

One really intriguing development has recently been announced by Marginal Revolution, a very popular blog - Marginal Revolution University, or MRUniversity as they seem to be dubbing it.  The blog post introducing it is here, and the website to get more information about it is

They plan to offer courses freely online it appears, and in formats that are not prohibitively costly to access (e.g. data plans on mobile phone contracts).

Well worth keeping an eye on - it's always good to get as much good tuition as possible, and one thing is quite sure about this initiative is that it will provide high quality tuition.

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