Tuesday, April 6, 2010

May 6 it is

Gordon Brown is about to announce May 6th as the date for the election - just four days before the econ101 exam (sorry for the reminder).

Over the next few weeks plenty of bad economics will be banded around, particularly by the Tories and Labour, so watch this space - and if you're revising (as you should be), reading this kind of stuff should be some light relief from the rest of your work. So watch this space as I'll try and dissect it as much as possible.

Take from my ramblings what you like. Alas, the UK political system means that regardless of who you'd like most to be in power in Westminster may not really affect how you vote, since in your particular constituency it may be that it's a safe seat anyway for one party or the other. But it'll still be good to understand what's good and bad economics out there. Good rule of thumb: Vince Cable talks about the most sense on the economy.

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